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Twitter Adds A New Direct Message Button Directly To Tweets

Twitter Adds A New Direct Message Button Directly To Tweets

Have you ever jumped on Twitter to see a million messages from two people you follow who decided to have a super long conversation publicly? Yeah me too, annoying right? To help keep those messages private and out of sight for those who don’t need to see them, Twitter is now introducing a special direct message button.

This new button will be embedded on to every tweet you see, at least on mobile. So far it’s unknown and unconfirmed if this will come to the desktop, but it will be able on Android and iOS soon. The DM button appears right next to the “favorite” button and allows quick and easy conversation between users on the platform.

With all this interest, we’ve also heard from many of you that it could be easier to share a Tweet using Direct Message. So now — in just a few taps — you can share unique Twitter content from your timeline right into your private conversation. This update is our next step towards making conversations richer in Direct Messages.

Source: Twitter

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