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Alleged 2016 Moto X Leaks, Ditches Front Facing Speakers For A Fingerprint Sensor

Alleged 2016 Moto X Leaks, Ditches Front Facing Speakers For A Fingerprint Sensor

We’re just a few months ahead of the alleged announcement of the 2016 Moto X and while we’re not really used to seeing leaks this early in the year, it seems we’ve got one. Today HelloMotoHK has gotten their hands on what seems to be the first image of the 2016 Moto X. HelloMotoHK has had a solid history when it comes to these leaks so there could be something to this one, whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

This new leak shows off a familiar design, at least from the front as that’s all that is shown, but with a couple of key changes. First off and most notably, it appears Moto, or more accurately Lenovo is killing off the dual-front facing speakers in exchange for a fingerprint sensor. While a fingerprint sensor is one of the keys features that was missing from the Moto X Pure Edition, it’s disappointing to see the speaker go in exchange for it. Especially considering the popularity of rear-mounted fingerprint sensors and, oh yeah, that dimple on the back of every Moto device so far which should have always been a fingerprint sensor, but I’ll rant more on that later.

On the brightside, we do seem to be getting another metal frame on this device along with another front facing selfie flash. Of course this being the first leak of the new device, it’s entirely possible that multiple designs could be in development and this is just the first one we’re seeing. Either way, we’re a few months from the launch of the 2016 Moto X, so things could change, or stay the same, who knows.


Source: HelloMotoHK

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