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Official Reddit App Exits Beta And Is Released on Android and iOS

Official Reddit App Exits Beta And Is Released on Android and iOS

About 3 months ago, the team behind Reddit (a great…social network…forum-like….aggregator website) put out their self-made app for beta testing. After over 10 years on the ‘net and many third-party apps, it’s refreshing to finally have an official release.

Today you can visit either the Play Store or iTunes to download the app for you phone or tablet — well, only if you live in an English speaking country. Be aware this app is only on its first “real” release, so it’s not going to be as featured-packed as third-party apps like Sync for Reddit or BaconReader, etc.

The UI is rather clean though for now, with a very Material look on Android and a card view on iOS. It’s simple, smooth, and performs very wells despite the lack of several features that I’d think would be there by now, like multi-Reddit support.


Check the links below to grab the app, and be aware that if you log in during this first week, you’ll get Reddit gold for 3 months free (a.k.a. Reddit premium).

When does the narwhal bacon, anyone?

Get it from Google Play Get it from iTunes

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