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Get Spigen’s USB C Car Charger For Just $6

Get Spigen’s USB C Car Charger For Just $6

Charging is the car is inevitable, we’re all going to need to do it at some point or another and with a USB C device, you’ve got to be just a tad more wary of what option you’re selecting. Spigen makes tons of great products and has built up a reputation for creating some of the best designed and most reliable accessories on the market, so when you can get one of those products for less than half it’s original price, it’s usually smart to jump on it. Today Amazon is offering Spigen’s USB C car charger for just a mere $6, a pretty solid deal if you ask me.

This car charger features a single embedded USB C cable which is capable of charging at 3.0A, which equals rapid charging on devices such as the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. The charger also features a single full-size USB A port for charging other device you may have. Overall the entire charger is capable of pushing 5.4A at any given time. Normally this charger costs $14.99, give or take, but if you apply the coupon code QE7XOTNH at checkout it’ll take that price down to just $6, a very solid deal. If you’re interested, click here or at the link below.

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