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Chromecast Support Could Be Built Into Your Next Hotel Room TV

Chromecast Support Could Be Built Into Your Next Hotel Room TV

Traveling is one of the more exhausting things you’ll do in life, so getting to your hotel and just sitting back and watching TV is a great way to just chill, but here’s the thing, channels change an WiFi is a pain. Most of the time I just pop out my tablet or phone to unwind for a bit on Hulu or Netflix, but what if the TV in your hotel room had Chromecast functionality the moment you walked in? Thanks to SONIFI Solutions, Inc, that could be coming in the near future.

The new SoniCast device is more or less a rebranded version of Google’s insanely popular Chromecast streaming dongle, but this is designed for hotels. It’ll work just like any normal Chromecast does which means users will be able to connect their own streaming service accounts as well as mirror browser tabs and more.

Our hospitality clients were loud and clear – they need to provide an all-encompassing home away from home experience for their guests. SONIFI continues to develop and deliver innovative solutions to the hospitality market. With the launch of SoniCast and our collaboration with Google, we achieve not only scale but continued innovation for our hotel partners and their guests.

Now this all sounds great, but things like this are promised and sometimes never followed up on. To instill just a bit of confidence in you, SONIFI Solutions, Inc is already responsible for pushing content and even internet to over 1.4 million hotel rooms across the US, so they certainly have the reach to get this project across the country. That said however, things will start off slow with the tech only being available in the Boston Park Plaza at first, likely to test out how everything affects streaming performance throughout the hotel.

Source: SONIFI Via: Techaeris

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