Get A First Look At The Upcoming Material Design Makeover For Twitter’s Android App

Twitter is one of the more popular social networks right now and it has solid official applications on each platform it’s on. They get the job done and work fairly well, but there’s a reason there are hundreds of third-party options. Twitter’s official apps aren’t everyone’s favorite, but that may change soon as a new redesign seems to be on its way in the near future. A member over on XDA has posted a hands-on video showing off an upcoming makeover for the official Twitter app on Android that adheres much more closely to Android’s Material Design guidelines.

The new design features a much cleaner layout with three tabs, your feed, notifications, and messages. There’s also a floating action button which kicks off a new tweet. It’s possible this new layout is coming via a server side update rather than through a standard update as several users are claiming they also have the update already.

We’ll undoubtedly hear more regarding this update over the coming days, so stay tuned!

Via: 9to5Google
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