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HTC And JBL Working On A Pair Of USB C Powered Headphones

HTC And JBL Working On A Pair Of USB C Powered Headphones

HTC today revealed their latest flagship, the HTC 10 and along with that they’ve brought along some extra goodies. Of course you’ll know just by looking at it that the HTC 10 takes away the famous front facing “Boomsound” speakers and instead mounts it on the bottom. If you’re like me, that’s a but disappointing, but fear not, HTC hasn’t lost their focus in the audio game. Rather than focusing on speakers, we’ve got better headphone audio with this device. Out of the box the included headphones are better than anything you’ve probably owned with previous devices and inside the phone is improved audio hardware. However to make things even better for customers, HTC is working with JBL to make a pair of USB C powered noise cancelling headphones.

This set of earbuds, the Reflect Aware C, are targeted at users who want even better audio for their devices. Obviously these will cost more than your average pair of earbuds, but along with that they’ll include superior audio quality and better immersion since they’ll actively block out noise from the outside. By going over USB C rather than the 3.5mm headphone jack, audio quality can be better tuned to give the best experience possible, plus, it negates the need for a battery to power the noise cancellation. HTC has yet to announce when the Reflect Aware C headphone will go on sale, or how much they’ll cost, but we should learn those details over the coming weeks.

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