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LG Is Inviting Developers To Come Up With Ideas For New LG G5 Modules

LG Is Inviting Developers To Come Up With Ideas For New LG G5 Modules

One of the biggest highlights of the new LG G5 is its modular design. By removing the bottom section of the device, the G5 can not only have its battery replaced, but also have its capabilities improved. So far only two modules have been announced, a camera grip (with an extended battery) and also a HiFi module. Both are great, but of course things will only get better as more are added. Starting today, LG is inviting developers to help think of some creative new ideas for G5 modules.

This news comes ahead of LG’s annual developer conference later this week where attendees will learn more about what it takes to make a module for the LG G5 and how to make their apps compatible. The company will also be detailing a new marketplace that will house these new products and apps. The new marketplace will open up to LG G5 owners starting on April 18th at

Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO, April 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — LG Electronics (LG) has opened up the new LG G5, inviting developers to reimagine the possibilities for the modular design smartphone and companion devices. At its fourth annual LG Developer Event, hosted on April 15 in San Francisco, attendees will learn how they can develop apps and hardware compatible with the award winning LG G5. In advance of the event, LG has also launched its new software development kit (SDK) and hardware development kit (HDK).

To help developers monetize the LG G5 companion devices they create, LG will soon be launching a new market place ( as well. The online destination will further support developers, allowing them to sell their compatible products and content directly to consumers.

“The potential of the industry changing LG G5 and the concept of Friends are limitless. Now we want to give everyone a chance to apply their talent and imagination in developing their own apps and Friends for the LG G5,” said Dr. Ramchan Woo, Vice President, Smartphone Product Planning at LG Electronics. “We believe that by giving developers the same tools that inspired us from LG G5’s inception, we’re going to see innovations ranging from toys to medical tools to things we haven’t even thought of ourselves.”

The Friday evening event will be emceed by Mario Tapia – mobile industry pundit – and will include keynote presentations from LG executives involved in LG G5’s product development, SDK and HDK partners, technical demonstrations and breakout sessions. Developers will also learn how to create their own camera control apps for the new LG 360 CAM and LG 360 VR viewer and also learn more about Google’s Open Spherical Camera API.

Registration is now open on a first-come, first-serve basis. Marshmallow fans and Android developers rejoice – those in attendance will receive a sweet, picture-perfect surprise. To register and learn more about the event and LG’s Developer Program, please visit:

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