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Android N Preview Image 2 Is Available Now, OTA Coming Soon

Android N Preview Image 2 Is Available Now, OTA Coming Soon

Looks like Google is continuing on with releasing Android N betas quietly and on time. We got the first preview image last month, with Google saying that there will be full monthly updates coming until about Q3 with the final release. Now we see that the 2nd full preview (build NPC91K) is out and can’t wait to dive in.

In a blog post from Android developers we get a list of what new features to expect. First up is the new Vulkan API support, that should help with gaming, especially with those that require an intense amount of power. Along with a number of other API additions that affect notification, multi-window, and other features.

We also get launcher shortcut support in apps, so now apps can have their own shortcut, like sending a message to a specific person, straight from the stock launcher — this should heavily affect 3rd-party launcher usage. Lastly, there’s support for emoji (ver. Unicode 9) that includes new emoji such as: taking a selfie, facepalm, or riding a bike.

This latest preview of Android N fixes a few bugs you helped us identify, such as not being able to connect to hidden Wi-Fi networks (AOSP 203116), Multiwindow pauses (AOSP 203424), and Direct Reply closing an open activity (AOSP 204411), to name just a few. We’re still on the hunt for more; please continue to share feedback, either in the N Developer Preview issue tracker or in the N preview community.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 13.49.31

You can already download the system images from the link below, but if you’ve enrolled your device into the Android Beta program then you’ll be getting the notification for OTA update soon enough. Be warned that Google explicitly say this build hasn’t been optimized for performance and battery yet, and should be used on your daily driver.

What is your most sought after feature so far in these Android N previews? Personally, I can’t wait to send non-ASCII facepalms to the idiots in my life my loving friends 😉

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