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Google Calendar Adds “Goals” To Help You Find Time In Your Schedule To Get Things Done

Google Calendar Adds “Goals” To Help You Find Time In Your Schedule To Get Things Done

In this day and age there’s one thing just about everyone shares in common, we’re all busy as heck. However with being as busy as we all are, that doesn’t stop us from wanting to better ourselves, whether that’s through exercise, learning something new, or just a hobby. It can be tough to find time to do it and stick to a routine, but Google Calendar is here to help with its new “goals” feature.

This new option allows you to choose an activity of some sort, let’s assume exercise, and helps find empty spots in your daily schedule where you can fit it in. You can choose the frequency of the goal, the length of time it requires, and the preferred time of day. Once you’ve done that, Google Calendar will automatically look through your schedule and add that goal where it can fit in. Of course schedules do change, so these events aren’t set in stone. If a meeting pops up the goal will automatically reschedule itself to another time.

To set a goal (like “Work out more”), simply answer a few questions (like “How often?” and “Best time?”), and you’re all set. From there Calendar will look at your schedule and find the best windows to pencil in time for that goal.

This feature is currently rolling out with version 5.4 of the Google Calendar app for Android and should be available for your device soon. You can of course sideload the APK if you’re feeling impatient.

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