Apple Refreshes The 12″ Macbook With Better Specs And Rose Gold Color

Apple’s 12″ Macbook is a decent laptop, but the number one complaint many have had about it is the power you get for the price point. Today however, nearly a year after its release, the company is updating the product with a faster processor, better battery life, and a new color option. So first off, there’s a rose gold (it’s still pink) option in addition to the space gray, silver, and gold options. The battery life has also been upgraded from about 9 hours to 10 hours (while browsing the web).

The RAM in the machine has also been upgraded to a faster 1866MHz module rather than a 1600MHz module. The Core M processor within has also been sped up ranging from 1.1GHz to 1.3GHz depending on the model you choose. The on board graphics has also been improved which Apple claims will offer 25% better performance.

This upgraded model will be available for the same $1,299 starting price starting April 20th both in Apple stores and online.


Source: Apple
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