Hidden within the latest Android N Developer Preview is a new version of Google’s own camera app. Within this new update we get several changes, including the return of some features that disappeared in previous versions of the app.

Google Camera v3.2 first and foremost brings an altered UI. You’ll notice that the on-screen icons look a bit different and the shutter button has also gotten a slight redesign. However that’s not the big story here. One of the big features to return is the ability to take a picture while recording videos. Just tap the screen while recording and a still shot will be taken and saved to your gallery. Slow motion has also been moved from the main camera interface to the slide-out menu. Not too big a deal, but it does and just a bit of extra hassle to shooting video on this camera app.

This update is rolling out now through Google Play, but as with any Google app update, it might be a while til it hits your device, so you can always just sideload the APK.

Google Camera