Acer Debuts The Liquid Zest Plus With 5,000 mAh Battery And $250 Price Tag

Acer has today debuted a new Android smartphone, the Liquid Zest Plus. This device packs a 5.5″ HD display, 13MP rear camera, and a gigantic battery under the hood weighing in at 5,000 mAh.

Acer has not released too much information on the rest of the device’s specifications, including the processor, but we do know that it will cost just $250. For a device with a battery as big as this and a lower resolution display, it should have pretty incredible battery life. It also includes fast charging. Acer has also mentioned that the camera sensor uses a new tri-focus auto-focus system, using a combination of laser, contrast, and phase detection to speed things up. The Liquid Zest Plus will debut in the US soon, although a specific launch window has not been announced.

Via: GSM Arena
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