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Marshmallow Is “Coming Soon” For The Honor 5X

Marshmallow Is “Coming Soon” For The Honor 5X

The Huawei-made Honor 5X has had everyone’s attention since it’s debut in January, but since its launch there has always been one big downside to the device, it comes with Android Lollipop. Even though Marshmallow had been available for a couple months prior to the device’s launch, it didn’t ship with it. However Honor is finally confirming that the update is on its way.

A specific launch window is unknown at this time, but the update has been in testing for several weeks now and should be pushed to consumer devices (at least here in the US) sometime in the next few weeks.

In case you missed it, the Honor 5X is a 5.5”, all-metal Android smartphone made by Huawei. This is the first Honor smartphone to make a debut in the United States and for it’s price has impressed many from the tech industry, ourselves included, thanks to that all-metal build and solid performance. With Android Marshmallow on board, things should only get better.

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