Fenix Hits Twitter’s Annoying Token Limit, No Longer Available On Google Play [UPDATE: It’s Back, Somehow]

There have been dozens of great third party Twitter clients for Android, but most eventually get hit with one thing, Twitter’s token limit. This limit restricts all third-party Twitter clients to 100,000 tokens, or users. So every time a new account is added to a specific app, that’s one token.  Once an app becomes a hit, it’s inevitable that it’ll eventually run out of tokens. Today that has happened to one of the best clients on Android, Fenix.

Last night a user tweeted the developer saying that they were having issues authorizing their account after purchasing the apps and shortly after, the developer had confirmed the bad news, the token limit had been reached (and of course refunded the money from the purchase). If you do already have the app, you’re good for now for any of the accounts you’ve already authorized. However if you want to add a new account, you’ll be out of luck.

Unfortunately this also means that new users won’t be able to download the app, as the developer has completely removed it from Google Play. It’s possible that the developer could re-release the apps, but that remains to be seen.

UPDATE: Fenix is back! We don’t know how this has happened, but the developer has confirmed that Fenix is now once again available in the Play Store and can continue to accept new users. Again, we don’t know exactly how, but we’re just glad our favorite Twitter app is back.

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