Earlier this year we heard that HTC might be working with Google yet again this year to debut two new Nexus smartphones. A few months later Evleaks himself is “confirming” the rumors and adding a bit extra to them. In his tweet, Evan Blass confirms that these devices will come with Android N (of course), and that they are currently referred to internally as the M1 and the S1 and that both will be made by HTC.

Android Police further expanded on the details, stating that the full codenames for the two devices are “Marlin” and “Sailfish” respectively. This follows Google’s ongoing theme with ocean-themed codenames for Nexus devices and also matches up with a device reference within the AOSP Gerrit code review tool from last month.

HTC has made two Nexus devices in the past including 2014’s Nexus 9 and the original Nexus One. With the company’s recent jump in terms of quality with products such as the HTC 10 and HTC Vive, things are looking pretty good for Nexus in 2016, but we (likely) still have a few months to wait for that.

Via: Android Police