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The Nexus 9 Has Officially Left The Google Store

The Nexus 9 Has Officially Left The Google Store

HTC’s Nexus 9 tablet from 2014 was a solid device, but plagued by performance and build quality issues. Wrapped within what many would argue was a price that was just too high, it resulted in a tablet that didn’t really sell all that well. However, at least in my opinion, it did continue to be a good device at the end of the day, but today Google has officially pulled the rug out from under it.

The Nexus 9 has been listed as out of stock on the Google Store for a couple of weeks now, but now it has disappeared completely with direct links, searches, and even category pages either disappearing or not showing the tablet at all. Thus ends the life of the Nexus 9. It’s unclear if we’ll see a successor, but for now the tablet is still available from other retailers such as Amazon and also used from sites like Swappa. You can of course also pick up the newer (and better) Pixel C.

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