Nintendo NX Coming Next Year, More IPs Coming To Mobile

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It’s April, which means time for another Nintendo Investors Meeting. Many times, these meetings help us to get a glimpse of what Nintendo’s anticipating for their next financial year in terms of software and hardware releases. With the NX on the line and their first toe in the mobile pool, I’ve been anticipating any info that points to timing of release. As few as the details may be, we did get some cool info.

NX TwitterFor starters, in Nintendo’s financial statement and backed up on Twitter was the reveal of the NX release date. Passing by the holiday season, the NX will launch in March 2017. It may go without saying, but the main reason for the skip is the games. As stated by CEO Tatsumi Kimishima, Nintendo wants the NX to launch with games (addressing a problem that the 3DS and Wii U had).

Zelda U NXAs for what games were coming, the only one confirmed so far is The Legend of Zelda. The Wii U title will now be launching on the NX simultaneously, which means that the game is being delayed to 2017 even on the Wii U. In fact, The Legend of Zelda is going to be Nintendo’s focus for E3 2016 with the Wii U version being playable on the showfloor. In fact, that will be the only playable game Nintendo will have for E3 attendees.

With that, Nintendo has decided to wait until after E3 to unveil the NX. According to Nikkei, the details will be discussed and revealed later this year. It makes sense since dev kits haven’t been in developer hands very long and Nintendo’s quietness could imply that they are making 100% sure the NX message will come across with good games.

As for the here and now, more IPs will be getting mobile iterations this fall. Confirmed on Twitter again, Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem will be getting mobile titles. Nothing beyond this was revealed, but these two franchise would be an excellent fit. Animal Crossing’s daily style of checking in on your town fits mobile gaming perfectly and Fire Emblem’s SRPG combat can work well on touchscreen devices.

Nintendo Mobile

There’s still plenty of unknowns here. The most obvious is what the NX is. The language is still unclear, but many developers that have gotten their hands on it have said that the console is really easy to develop for.

It seemed like E3 2016 was a viable opportunity to reveal a console like the NX, so I hope that Nintendo has more than Zelda to show off, even if only in trailer form. It would also be a good time to announce NX titles, but it’ll be strange to see these running on an invisible box. In the end, more time to iron out the wrinkles is better, but hopefully this isn’t too long with the other console makers prepping their own new platforms.

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