UKarbon Custom Skin Review

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UKarbon are a small skin company in comparison to other companies such as dBrand, but that doesn’t show in their products. UKarbon produce very high quality, hand-made skins for your device, and I must say, I was impressed from the moment I opened the package.

Me and Tom, the owner of UKarbon, agreed on a custom skin, using his design expertise. The skin was quickly made while maintaining quality and arrived a mere 2 days after being sent out. Impressive, right? The package arrived and I opened it to reveal my custom skin and a standard carbon skin for my LG G3. The carbon skin was very impressive and although I haven’t stuck it on my device yet, I will definitely make use of it.

The custom skin was great. The skin was made from what seems and feels to be the same type of leather you get on the interior car doors, and so it’s really grippy, yet comfortable to hold. The custom image was centred perfectly (I even measured it before writing this) and was perfectly minimalistic, the exact look I wanted. The skin fits perfectly on both the standard back of the device (obviously) and the Quick Circle case I have on it made by LG, so I was even more impressed by that. The colour is perfect, and has a really nice accent shade to it.

20160425_161440_HDR (1)

The skin and attachments for the camera edge and volume rocker fits amazingly to the nearest nanometre, and the camera edge part does not block the camera in the slightest which is expected, but still a great feature.

The skin was fairly easy to put on, although I had some assistance because I had broken/sprained my hand that day, and is now in a splint. The skin easily peels off the backing paper and slides on to the device. Due to the G3 being curved slightly, some heat was needed to fix the corners, but not much from the hair-dryer.

At the end of the day, my opinion of UKarbon and the skin I received is very high indeed, and I certainly recommend UKarbon to you because they are cheaper than others, and better quality than the skins for larger companies.

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