Uber Adds Support For Android Pay, Dropping Google Wallet This Week

Uber is easily the best way to get a ride in most places, and to make things even easier they’ve always been quick to support better and faster payment methods. On iOS they support Apple Pay, and on Android they’ve been one of the most prominent supporters of Google Wallet, until now. As Google phases out features of Google Wallet, they are shifting users and developers to Android Pay both for NFC payments and app/online payments.

Uber has reminded users via email that Google Wallet support will officially be dropped on May 9th so if you want to continue paying through the service you’ll need to either move to PayPal or enter in card information manually. If you do switch to Android Pay however, you will be able to import any of the cards you have previously set up.

On May 9th, Google Wallet will update to Android Pay. To make sure you can still ride, update your account today, it’s easy.

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