Netflix Now Gives Users Control Over How Much Data They Use When Streaming Over Data

Netflix has today announced that they will be introducing the ability to limit data usage when users are streaming over mobile data. In upcoming updates for both Android and iOS, users will be able to toggle their video quality deciding how much content they would like to be able to watch per GB of mobile data they use. Users will be able to choose between Low (4 hours of streaming per GB), Medium (2 hours of streaming per GB), High (1 hour of streaming per GB), and unlimited which streams at the highest available resolution.

This option will be found within the app’s settings and the default setting will allow for about 3 hours of streaming per GB. The update should be rolling out soon for Android and iOS users.

To set your cellular data usage, make sure you have updated your Netflix app on iOS or Android to the most recent version, select “App Settings” from the menu, and pick “Cellular Data Usage.” There you can switch off the automatic default and select a higher or lower data usage setting that works with your mobile data plan, including an unlimited option.


Source: Netflix
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