AT&T Kicks Off DirectTV iPhone Deal, Offering Up To 50% Off Multiple iPhones When Paired With DirecTV Service

AT&T has just announced that they are kicking off a new deal with DirecTV which offers massive iPhone discounts with qualifying service. Customers who sign up will be able to purchase up to 6 new iPhone’s with massive discounts. The first phone will be completely free with the rest coming in at 50% off. AT&T will be offering the discounts via bill credits over 30 months. These credits max out at $650 for the first device and $325 for each extra device. Keep in mind you’ll be able to get higher end iPhones with the deal, but you’ll be required to pay the difference.

This deal is live starting today although it is limited to customers within the North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia regions.

Beginning May 6th, DIRECTV customers with qualifying service may purchase up to six 6s 16GB iPhones on AT&T Next 30-month installment agreement, the first phone free and phones 2-6 at 50% off. Customers receive the discounts in the form of bill credits over 30 months ($650 for the first phone and $325 for each additional). Customers may choose any other iPhone in the 6s family but will only receive bill credits equivalent to iPhone 6s 16GB & are responsible for the cost difference of higher-priced phones. A new wireless account with qualifying service is required for customers to be able to participate in this offer.  Customers must keep both services active and in good standing and all phones on AT&T Next for 30 months to receive all the monthly credits.

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