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Curious About Smartwatches? You Should Consider The $30 Martian Notifier

Curious About Smartwatches? You Should Consider The $30 Martian Notifier

Smartwatches are gaining popularity left and right, but there’s one huge barrier of entry, the price. While any techie will drop $200 or $300 on a smartwatch no questions asked, the average Joe is a bit more hesitant. After all, the general consumer usually only spends about $20-$50 on a regular watch. So how can you try out the smartwatch ecosystem without having to spend a ton of cash? Here’s the easy way, the Martian Notifier.


The Martian Notifier is pretty much the definition of a barebones smartwatch. It features a classic round watch design with an analog watchface. In the bottom corner of the display you’ll find a small display and an LED light. Combined these deliver notifications, phone calls, and texts to your wrist. There’s no touchscreen, no apps, and no custom watchfaces, but that’s not the point. The Martian Notifier is meant to do one thing, deliver notifications and that’s exactly what it does.

The Notifier is compatible with both Android and iOS and for the low price of just $30, it’s almost an impulse buy, at least for a techie. However if you’re just curious about smartwatches and not sold on the functionality, this is by far the best entry into the market.

Earlier this year we reviewed the ASUS ZenWatch 2 and called it the best entry into Android Wear at just $130, and it certainly is, but the Martian Notifier takes that value to a whole new level at $100 cheaper. It’s basic yes, but it gets the job done and really gives a good idea of how a smartwatch can be valuable in every day life. If you’re interested, check out the links below to get it in black, white, or red.


Martian Notifier - Black Martian Notifier - White Martian Notifier - Red

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