Nonda Launches The ZUS Cable, Made From Kevlar With A Lifetime Warranty

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Regardless if you use an iPhone or an Android device, odds are you’ve had a damaged cable at some point or another. The cables that come with out devices are great, but they tend to go bad over time, or somethings right away if we’re a bit clumsy. That all ends however with the ZUS Cable. This cable is made with Kevlar. Kevlar, if you’re not familiar with it is, Kevlar is the same material used in bulletproof vests. In this case the Kevlar isn’t actually what you find on the outer layer, but rather on the interior, protecting the cable’s components.


Nonda has tested the ZUS Cable to be bent up to 90° over 15,000 times, guaranteeing a long lasting cable you probably won’t ever have to replace. The nylon braiding on the outside of the cable also prevents tangling and you’ll also get a free velcro tie with it to keep things even better. If you do manage to break the cable, it’s backed up with a lifetime warranty.

To further improve the experience, the ZUS Cable includes a special 90° USB plug which allows it to fit into tight spaces where other cables wouldn’t be able to. The cable also comes in at 4ft in length, the “perfect length” for charging within the car according to Nonda.

The ZUS Cable comes in 3 variants, microUSB, Lightning, and USB C. The USB C variant is fully up to spec as well featuring all of the big requirements including the 56K Ohm resistor. The Lightning version will also be MFi certified.


Nonda is currently offering the ZUS cable on Indiegogo with special discounts for early backers. Keep in mind, the project is already full funded, so at this point all you’re doing is getting a small discount ahead of the July shipping date. Retail pricing will eventually be $19.99 per cable, but you’ll be able to get them on the campaign for $14 a piece or less if you go with a bundle.

Source: ZUS (Indiegogo)