Next Gen Moto X Photos Leak Out Showing Off An Interesting New Design

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We’ve been seeing leaks of Motorola’s next generation devices for a few months now, but tonight we’ve got a big one, the first leaked images of the next gen Moto X. This would be the company’s first flagship under Lenovo’s headship and, well, it’s interesting.

In the handful of new images, we get a look at what seems to be the fourth generation Moto X as well as an upcoming DROID handset. These two devices feature an incredibly similar design, a trend we’ve seen grow especially after last year’s release of the Moto X Pure Edition and the DROID Turbo 2. Here it seems that both phones will share an all-metal build with three buttons on the right side along with a bottom mounted fingerprint sensor.

Flipping the device over we see another similarity. That giant¬†camera module which inexplicably looks like a Moto 360 (seriously, who thought this was a good idea?). The sensor appears to combine the camera itself along with the autofocus and flash all in one spot. The classic Moto dimple is also nowhere to be found, and at least on the DROID variant, it seems like we’re getting a rear-mounted speaker (WHY?). On the Moto X however it appears that we have some sort of PINs possibly to be used for docking or charging (probably both).

Obviously this is a pretty big change from previous Moto X and DROID designs which also showed off a more subtle design with an ergonomic curved rear. Regardless, it does seem this is what we’ll be getting sometime in the next couple of months when Motorola makes their official announcement. What do you think of the design? Good? Bad? Let us know in the comments!

Source: HelloMotoHK