Need A Cheap Android Wear Watch? The Original LG G Watch Is Back On Sale For $50

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Android Wear has been getting better and better over the past several months with new apps and watchfaces expanding the platform’s capabilities day by day, however the lowest point of entry at this point is ASUS’ ZenWatch 2. At $129 it’s a great deal, but first time smartwatch buyers don’t always want to drop all of that cash on something they’re not sure they’ll enjoy. Luckily, there are sales on older models on a pretty regular basis.

Since it’s debut, we’ve seen several sales on the original LG G Watch, and today one of those returns, an LG G Watch for just $50.

The LG G Watch isn’t the best looking option on the market, but it remains a solid option with the same basic processing package found in just about every other Android Wear device. The Snapdragon 400 and 512mb of RAM still powers Android Wear without skipping a beat and the battery is still one of the best available.

Today’s deal only applies to the black model and it is refurbished, but if you’re looking to try out Android Wear, there’s no less expensive¬†way than this. If you’re interested, check out the link below.

LG G Watch (Black, Refurbished) - $49.95