Google Now Offers Full OTA Images For Nexus Updates Alongside Factory Images

1 min read

One of the greatest things about owning a Nexus is the ease of getting updates. OTAs come quick and if you’re really impatient, you can download and manually flash a factory image. While the first is quick and completely painless, flashing a factory image has always required users to leave their bootloaders unlocked. Another way to get the updates was always to grab the OTA zip, but until now users had to hunt down the links required in order to download them. That ends now however as Google has made full OTA images available for download.

These new updates are the full OTA images which you can sideload via adb in recovery, and it doesn’t matter if your bootloader is locked or unlocked.

Google previous uploaded OTA images for the Android N Preview after users were having issues with not being able to downgrade if they were using Google’s new beta program. Many users were glad to have this easier method available alongside factory images, so it’s awesome to see it available for older versions as well since keeping your bootloader locked is a pretty good idea.

Obviously users will be able to use this new download for both major updates as well as Google’s usual monthly security OTAs. One thing to note (for both these OTAs and factory images) is that Google has implemented a new “agree to terms” checkbox that you’ll need to click before gaining access to the download links.

Source: Google