Commenting And Suggestions Arrive In Latest Google Photos Update

1 min read

Back when Google Photos was apart of Google+, the community was able to leave comments below to talk about the set of photos that showed. Since separating into it’s own app/service, we’re sorely missed the opportunity to remind others how cute their cats were or how jealous we are of their vacation, well that changes today with the newest Photos update.

As detailed over on Google+ (somewhat ironically), in the latest update, users can now comment on shared albums. The comments section will be available right below the shared album, and everyone who is accepted into the album will be able view and respond to them. Along will bringing back the comments section, Google has also starting using a ‘suggestion’ system when adding photos to a shared album. Using smart algorithms, when adding photos, Google will try to bring your best shots from a particular set forward so you can spend less time trying to figure out which picture is best to add.

These changes require either Android v. 1.20 or iOS v. 1.10, but is most likely a server-side change. Are you ready to be able to comment right within the Photos app instead of having to message everything in a separate app again? I know I am, just gotta get everyone on the Google Photos train…

Source: Google+