Take A Look Behind-The-Scenes Of Android Auto

1 min read

Android Auto has slowly been making its way to dozens of cars and third-party head units since its announcement back in 2014, but until now we haven’t really seen much from behind the scenes. Nat and Lo however, two Google employees with basically the best 20% project ever, have produced a new video over on their YouTube channel showing off what goes on in the making and improvements for Android Auto.

Within this video, Nat and Lo meet up with the team behind Android Auto and get to take a look at some of the different tests that help influence what Google does to influence the design and functionality of the OS. Google aims to make Android Auto as safe to use while driving as possible, so they design it so that users will only have to glance at the display for a couple of seconds at a time rather than shifting their focus completely. It’s all pretty fascinating what goes into creating the entire interface, so if you haven’t for some reason, go check out the video!