LIFX Smart LED Light Bulbs Review

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Smart home lighting has become extremely popular over the past few years, but it certainly isn’t cheap. Most options require expensive bulbs with even more expensive control hubs, but LIFX is a little different. The LIFX bulbs have brought the price down to a more affordable level whilst still delivering a high quality performance.

Sadly the LIFX bulbs only come for E26/E27 or Bayonnet which is slightly disappointing, but with a cheap adapter from online you can make these bulbs work for your lights. Once the LIFX bulbs are plugged in and turned on, they are very simple to set up, with just a few steps to connect it to your WiFi. I am very impressed by the ease at which I was able to set these up as there is a lot of communication between my phone and the lights.

Once set up the lights are very reliable on your network. Not once have they disconnected or dropped out which is very impressive. Even when you switch the lights off at the wall they re-connect to the WiFi very quickly which is also very impressive.

The LIFX bulbs go just about every colour you can think of, so there’s no limit to what you can light your room up to be. There are also different whites to choose from, so it doesn’t have to be so bright which is a very cool feature. Also, the app offers a variety of themes so you can have the lights in set moods based on how you’re feeling which is another great feature.

The LIFX bulbs are not very big which is good, so they won’t look out of place wherever you decide to put them. This is great because a lot of other smart lights are big, chunky, and quite frankly ugly.

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The LIFX bulbs are very easy to control in the very well designed app, which is very impressive especially since they can be integrated with other smart home apps such as Nest, and other apps such as IFTTT.

Overall the LIFX bulbs are very impressive offering great features and functionality. They are on the cheaper side of smart home tech and seem to be flawless while I’ve been using them. I am majorly impressed.

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