Google Debuts Gboard For iOS, Search, GIFs, and More In One Keyboard

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After adding support for third-party keyboards in iOS, Apple’s platform has seen dozens of great new keyboard options for its users. Today Google has stepped into the game with Gboard. This new third-party keyboard for iOS gives users not only a solid keyboard option with features like “glide” typing, but also adds some extremely useful features accessible with the tap of a button.

So first and foremost, this keyboard has direct integration with Google Search. Simply tap the Google icon and you can perform full searches without ever leaving the app you’re in. Even better, the results can quickly be sent through any messaging services you might have open. Further, you’ll also have quick access to GIFs through the same search which you can then send in messages as well. The keyboard even adds better emoji functionality with the ability to hunt down a specific emoji through keywords.

Gboard is exclusive to iOS, at least for now, meaning users on Google’s own Android platform won’t be able to use it. With Google I/O right around the corner it’s possible we could see something similar for Android users, but that remains to be seen.

If you’re interested in downloading Gboard for your iPhone or iPad, hit up the source link below to check it out.

Source: Google Get it from the App Store