Google Drive and Evernote Get Better Integration

1 min read

Evernote has always been a really great service to use for writing notes and list, working on project (work and personal), and more. Today Evernote has become even better in the productive department with new integration tools for Google Drive.

Instead of simply posted links to your Google Drive content, now there’s a button in Evernote that’ll let you browse your Drive content and post thumbnail previews with a “rich viewing experience”. These will look much more pleasure for you and any of your other collaborators, and may help win over some of your business partners.

Along with simply added Drive content, any changes you make to your Drive items or Evernote…er…notes, will be saved automatically — autosaving has saved my butt more times than I can count. So be sure to go crazy and add those presentations, drawings, sheets and more to create the best project you can with Drive and Evernote.

“Evernote is where people capture and nurture ideas,” said Erik Wrobel, Chief Product Officer at Evernote. “This integration with Google Drive helps people cultivate those ideas with rich context.”

These changes have already gone live on the web and on Android, and will be coming soon for iOS and desktop apps. Let us know below of how this new integration will help with your projects. This is also the third recent major service that has had an integration update with Google Drive (the others being Yahoo! Mail and Whatsapp), I wonder what, or who, is next…

Source: Google Blog