The HTC 10 Is Coming To T-Mobile On May 18th With A Free Ice View Case And Rapid Charger

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After a short period being exclusive to Verizon Wireless, HTC is preparing to launch the HTC 10 on T-Mobile. Starting May 18th customers will be able to pick up the device for $679 at retail pricing, or for $28.34 per month with a 24 month payment plan. Interestingly T-Mobile’s full retail pricing for the HTC 10 is $20 less then that of HTC themselves for the unlocked model. Customers who buy will also be able to get a free spare rapid charger and HTC’s new Ice View case free with their purchase, $85 worth of extra value. You’ll need to act fast on that one however as it’ll only last until May 24th.

Source: T-Mobile