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LG Debuts The New Action CAM With LTE Connectivity And YouTube Live Streaming

LG Debuts The New Action CAM With LTE Connectivity And YouTube Live Streaming

GoPro has long gone unrivaled in the action camera space. Most are either cheap knockoffs, or just don’t beat out a GoPro. LG wants to take a shot at that however with their new LG Action CAM. This compact portable camera features a 12.3MP camera with a 150° field-of-view along with GPS, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope. To really set itself apart, the Action CAM features LTE connectivity for transferring or live streaming your videos without the need of a cable or WiFi.

Out of the box the Action CAM is not waterproof (it is water-resistant in up to 1 meter for 30 minutes), but a waterproof casing will be coming later this year. For livestreaming ,the device takes advantage of YouTube, allowing direct streaming to the world’s most popular video platform.

LG claims that this device will be able to record four full hours of 1080p video before needing a charge with livestreaming cutting that to about two hours. LG will be launching the Action CAM in South Korea next month, followed by North America and Europe in the near future. LG has yet to release any details on pricing or availability, but we should find out relatively soon.

“We are committed to expanding the LG Playground ecosystem with both modules and standalone accessories and Action CAMLTE is one of many more that we plan to announce this year,” said Juno Cho, LG Electronics and Mobile Communications Company president. “Action CAMLTE is an example of the kind of innovation we will be bringing to market, devices that offer features unavailable in other competing products.”


Source: LG

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