Yes, GBoard Functionality Will Be Coming To Android

1 min read

Earlier today Google announced a new keyboard option for iOS users called “GBoard”. This insanely cool keyboard combines “glide” typing, GIFs, and direct searches within a keyboard. That means to add a GIF to your message or make a quick search, users won’t ever have to leave the app they are in. The app is currently exclusive to iOS, much to the dismay of many Android users. However now it’s confirmed, the same functionality will be coming to Android, at some point or another.

Bri Connelly, a product manager at Google, confirmed on ProductHunt that they are currently “Working on the best way to bring the same functionality to Android right now!”.

I wouldn’t expect to see this right away as Google obviously hasn’t gotten too far in terms of development. It’s possible they could implement it directly into the OS so that all keyboards can use the functionality, or they could simply bake it into the Google Keyboard app. Either way, I’d give it a bit before you start pestering them to push the project along.

Source: ProductHunt Via: XDA