Android Pay Looks To Be Right Around The Corner For The UK

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Android Pay is a solid mobile payments option, but it’s still very limited in a number of ways. First, it doesn’t work on as many devices as Google Wallet which came before it. It also requires different levels of security. Furthermore it also works with far less banks. One of the biggest restrictions however is where it works. Right now, Android Pay works only in the US. Soon however, that’ll be expanding.

The UK has been Google’s next target for Android Pay for a while as they said it would be coming “soon”, but we haven’t heard much on a confirmed launch date. Thanks to some advertising at a local fast food restaurant in the UK, we know it’s coming soon.

Popular fast food chain, Pret A Manger¬†recently put out tags on their payment terminals at one location in the UK, signaling the immanent launch of Android Pay. Just like in the US, Pay will operate over NFC in any supported locations. It’s already been confirmed that several banks have signed on to be compatible with Android Pay including Bank of Scotland, HSBC, Halifax, MBNA, M&S Bank, First Direct, and more. Other shops in the UK that will offer support include Pret, Starbucks, Costa Coffee, and more.

It’s possible Google will confirm the news this week at Google I/O, but even if they do not, odds are the launch is getting very close.

Source: Telegraph