Mixcder Flyto Sport Bluetooth Earphones Review

2 min read

There are many Bluetooth earphones available that claim to be for sport, but I have come to the verdict that you just can’t get Bluetooth earphones for sport. After using the Mixcder Flyto earphones for a few weeks, I must say my opinion hasn’t changed; in fact I now believe further in my previous statement. The Mixcder Flyto boasts to have high bass and great fit in the ear as some of the main features, I disagree with this entirely. The earphones come in at £39.99 (about $58) and so I was expecting nothing amazing; my expectations were precise.

The Mixcder Flyto has bog-standard sound quality with no emphasis on the bass. I am a great lover of bass so this came as a disappointment to me. The sound drops in an out of the connection with certain movements which is very poor. The fit in the ears is atrocious. They can hardly stay in my ear for more than a few minutes at a time even with the best fitting ear gels. The gels have what is supposed to be a grip into the ear, but this doesn’t work and actually causes discomfort and irritation to my ears. The actual earphones won’t even start to stay in your ear unless you really wedge them in, once again causing pain and discomfort, not what I want from my earphones.

To make matters worse the fact they don’t stay in my ears means that they are entirely useless for sport and just about anything other than sitting down. This was extremely disappointing.

The only good things about these earphones is the fact that they come with a little carrying case so that you don’t have to worry about carrying them. The battery life is also good on these headphones as it seems to last about 5-6 hours per charge which is not bad for small Bluetooth earphones.

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Overall I must say that I am very unhappy and disappointed with these Bluetooth earphones. They drop out of connection, fall out my ears, and don’t have very good audio. They could be useful if you want some relatively cheap Bluetooth earphones for when you’re sitting around, but other than this I can’t see a use to them.

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