Google Will Start Blocking Flash On Chrome Later This Year

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Google Chrome is the most popular browser on the planet, so any big changes it makes can really shape how we use the internet. Now Google has announced that Chrome will begin blocking the majority of Flash content on the web, putting another nail in the coffin of Flash.

Here’s the basics of how it works. If you visit a website that wants to play Flash content, Chrome will block it from loading by default, but you will be able to turn it back off if you choose to do so. The browser would then remember that decision for any future visits.

To help prevent this from showing up on every website, Google is providing a 1-year extension on the top 10 domains including YouTube, Yahoo, Twitch, and Amazon. After that first year Flash will also be blocked by default on those sites.

To be clear, Google won’t be disabling Chrome, but merely blocking it from loading by default. This should both improve load times and also push web developers to take further advantage of HTML5.

Via: VentureBeat