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[Suprise!] Instagram Now Rolling Out A Fully Algorithmic Timeline And No, You Can’t Turn It Off

[Suprise!] Instagram Now Rolling Out A Fully Algorithmic Timeline And No, You Can’t Turn It Off

Instagram has been making changes left and right recently, but tonight we get one that basically no one is going to like. Tonight the dreaded switch to an algorithmic timeline begins. We’ve known for a while that Instagram was moving in this direction, but until now it hasn’t taken effect. Essentially what you’ll find with this change is something similar to the Facebook News Feed. The social network will attempt to find the posts it thinks you want to see most and move those to the top while moving other posts further down the feed.

This change is currently rolling out to all users, at least in the US for now. It hasn’t hit any of my devices as of yet, but it does seem to be hitting plenty of other users already.

If you recall, users were very outraged by this change when it was originally supposed to kick in last month, basically begging their followers to turn on notifications for their posts. This time the change is actually taking place, so I wouldn’t doubt that we’ll see even more of these posts.

If you’re a “come and go” user like me, this change could benefit you, but sadly there is no way to opt-out of this functionality if you don’t want it. It is possible that this could be added at a later date, but we’ll just have to wait and see for that one. For now however, it looks like everyone will be completely out of order, and that really stinks. Be sure to drop a comment below and let us know if this new timeline is hitting your device!

Via: Phandroid

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