Urban Armor Gear Case For Galaxy S7 Edge Review

1 min read

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge is one of the best phones on the market today. It features a great display, solid software, and one of the best cameras available right now. However the metal and glass design is not only very slick, but also easy to damage. To solve that, you’ll need a good case and one of my favorites is the Urban Armor Gear case.

This TPU case features a simple snap-on, snap-off design which provides a surprising amount of protection. It’s very rigid and the lip around the screen keeps everything off of a surface when the phone is placed face down.

Obviously the Edge itself on the Galaxy S7 Edge provides a certain level of difficulty, but the lip does extend around so it will protect the edge from most drops. All the port covers are open and easy to use and all of the actual buttons are very tactile.

This is a great option for the S7 Edge and at $35, it’s not too expensive. It’s not necessarily cheap, but it is available on Amazon at a discount pretty often. If you’re interested, links to buy are available below.

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