Pilot By Waverly Labs Translates Languages Directly In Your Ear, And Attracts Controversy As Well

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The language barrier is something that many of us face. It can be tough talking to someone new, regardless of the situation, when there are two different languages at play. With the Pilot headset, Waverly Labs wants to help make translation as painless as possible, but is it too good to be true?

So first things first, how is this all supposed to work? Essentially two people who speak different languages wear one set of earbuds each and they will automatically translate anything said by the opposite party into the language you choose. So as you see in the video below, users can have a conversation in their own language with full understanding of each other.

The possibilities are endless as it takes away any barrier at all in translation. The easiest way right now to translate on the go is with something like Google Translate on your smartphone or tablet, but with everything being performed live, it makes everything super easy and fast. At launch Waverly Labs aims to support languages such as English, Spanish, French, Italian, and more. Over time they aim to add support for more languages, some of which will require an extra fee to use.

Pricing for the Pilot is set at $299, but it’s a bit early on for that right now. They do aim to be on Indiegogo soon and they’ll even have a contest available to win a free unit. However there is a fair bit of controversy surrounding this product.


As a Facebook user pointed out, there’s not much to put your trust in with this product. All of the advertising so far shows first party users only, meaning the results aren’t proven yet. The hardware itself also seems a bit optimistic so far with the slim design which might not have enough sensitivity to accurately pick up the conversation. There are definitely some red flags here, but we’ll just have to wait and find out once the product gets closer to reality.

Via: Gadgtspot