Allo And Duo Won’t Be Replacing Hangouts, Expanding Google’s Massive Collection Of Messaging Apps

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Today Google announced two new apps for communication, Allo and Duo. Both are extremely cool and have features that are insanely cool, but to many users, they feel unnecessary since Google already offers the same functionality in Hangouts. The first thought that went through most people’s head following the announcement was that Google was simply getting ready to kill off Hangouts, but nope, they’re not.

Android Police learned via Google that Hangouts would remain active as its own product with Google continuing to invest in and improve the product.

I can’t think of a single reason why Duo shouldn’t replace the, quite frankly, terrible Google Hangouts video calls, but Allo does require a phone number to be setup, unlike Hangouts which needs nothing more than your Google account. Allo could be a WhatsApp competitor in that way, which is why it makes sense that it would stay seperate from Hangouts. However at the same time, it just adds on to the massive list of messaging services Google currently has active. That list now includes Hangouts (which contains Google Voice), Messenger (an SMS client for Android), YouTube’s new built in messaging service, the recently released Google Spaces, and now Allo and Duo. Both apps will be available this Summer, so we’ll have to wait and see if they end up replacing any of Google’s current options.

Via: Android Police Header Image: Pocketnow