Amazon Is Allegedly Working On A Tablet Powered By Alexa

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Amazon’s Alexa platform is a super-powerful tool, and it’s quickly making its way into more and more devices. Originally it was found only on the Amazon Echo, but now it can be found on the Echo Dot, the Amazon Fire TV, a smartwatch, and more. According to The Wall Street Journal, Amazon is also getting ready to launch a new tablet with Alexa on board.

The device is codenamed “Knight” and features a “tablet-like computer screen”. So unlike the Echo, this new tablet would be able to use Alexa while also providing a full size display for the results. It’s possible that the device could inherit the same always-listening mode as the Echo, but with the ability to run on a battery.

Lab126, Amazon’s secret projects facility, is where the tablet is apparently being developed. This is the same place where the Echo was first created as well as Amazon’s other devices including the original Kindle E-readers, Fire devices, and the Dash buttons.


So far details on what the tablet will look like are scarce, but if I had to bet, I’d guess that we’ll see something with a 8″ display and a thicker form factor to enable longer life off the charger with the always listening mode enabled. But that is 100% speculation. We’ll just have to wait and see what comes out of this over the coming months.

Via: Engadget Source: Wall Street Journal