Android Auto Will Soon Work Directly On Your Phone Without Needing A Compatible Car System

1 min read

Google’s Android Auto system is one of the most useful features of Android, but it doesn’t get much attention since most vehicles aren’t compatible with it. Since day one we’ve wished it could work natively on a smartphone, and now it finally can.

Soon the Android Auto application will be able to display a condensed version of the interface on your smartphone while driving. The interface is more or less identical to that of the standard interface with the same functionality as well. Apps are redesigned to limit distractions and the everything puts emphasis on voice controls. Buttons are also magnified to make it easier to hit them with just a glance.

Support for Android Auto continues to expand to more vehicles and third-party head units, but with this update, more users than ever before will be able to use the service. Are you excited to try it out? Stay tuned, we’ll keep an eye out for when this update hits sometime in the coming weeks.


Via: The Verge