Android N Gets Another Beta Update With Better Stability And A Couple New Features (Including VR)

1 min read

On stage at Google I/O 2016, Android N has gotten its first major update bringing the release from unstable and not recommended for daily use, to something you could use on your primary phone. The Android team describes this update as a “beta-quality” release, which means that if you own a Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus Player, or Pixel C, you’ll be able to run it daily without too many bugs.

This update also introduces a new VR mode which adjusts the phones performance to better suit VR. The CPU and GPU will both be adjusted to lower the latency as far as possible. Google says their tests have been able to get latency down as far as just 20ms on the Nexus 6P with Google Cardboard. Google also announced a new VR platform called Daydream which helps users find apps and devices best suited for VR.

One other massive change is in how the OS handles updates. Rather than prompting the user to download the update and then reboot, the OS will automatically download it in the background and install the update on its own the next time the user reboots. This was inspired by Chrome OS and the Android team actually worked on implementing this along with the team from Chrome OS.

Once an update goes through, you won’t even know it happened since there will no longer be an “Android is Starting” dialog or the requirement to re-enter your PIN or password (if you have a fingerprint sensor enabled, it will still be required when it is the default setting).

This update will be available via the Android Beta Program soon.