As many of you reading this probably already know, Google’s big I/O developer conference kicked off yesterday and it brought a handful of exciting announcements. One of those announcements was Google’s first significant dive into virtual reality called Daydream. It is essentially an entire virtual reality platform, but what’s a virtual reality platform without some grade-A game engine support?

At one of the sessions at Google I/O this morning, we learned that both the Unreal and Unity game engines will soon support Google’s Daydream platform. This comes as some pretty significant news as these game engines are very popular and capable of some amazing things. In fact, both of these game engines are already used around the world to make many titles that you have surely played at least one of at some point or another.

You can take a look at the video below which comes from Epic, the team behind the Unreal Engine, to get a preview of what is possible when you combine Daydream with a great game engine.