Night Mode And Dark Themes Probably Won’t End Up In The Final Android N Release

2 min read

Google’s early previews of Android N have shown off a ton of awesome features and tweaks that really improve the entire OS, but sadly, some of those features don’t end up in the final release. One such feature, or two I should say, is Google’s night mode for Android.

This feature consists of two parts. First, a dark theme that changes the colors of OS elements such as the settings to a darker color palette. This has been something that users have been begging for for a long time, but sadly they still won’t be getting it. Second, and probably the most important, is night mode.

Night mode has been in each Android N developer preview and the basics of what it does is change the color temperature of a display to “quiet” the harsh blue light that displays give off. It’s not like it’s particularly harmful, but the blue light can keep you awake if you’re using your device at night.

So why are the features being removed? Long story short, they just aren’t ready. The dark theme was proving difficult to keep consistent around the OS, which is very understandable. Odds are we won’t see a full debut for this at all in Android N. Night mode on the other hand was a different matter. The way it currently works is by using the device’s accessibility features and essentially putting a filter over everything you see on screen. It works, but Google was concerned because it put a strain on the device’s resources and slowing down performance.


Could these features make a return? Definitely, and they almost certainly will, but for now we will have to live without them for a little bit longer.

Via: Android Police