We’ve heard rumor after rumor about the Galaxy Note 6 and as the phone’s release closes in, some of those rumors are looking all the more true.

One of the biggest rumors surrounding this Note 6 is that it’ll pack a massive, completely probably unnecessary, 6GB of RAM. Now Samsung has helped to confirm that by launching a new RAM module with, you guessed it, 6GB of RAM.

This new chip uses a 10-nanometer manufacturing process and use the latest LPDDR4 technology which helps making it faster and more efficient than what we have today. Further confirming that we’ll see this in the Note 6 is a report from SamMobile who also mentions that we’ll find a Snapdragon 823 processor and a “Slim RGB” display on this device.

Odds are Samsung will launch the Note 6 something in the late Summer, probably in August. Previous rumors have stated that we won’t be getting a successor to the S6 Edge+ around the same time, but rather possibly seeing 2 different Note 6 variants launched, one curved, one not.

Via: SamMobile