Coocheer Bluetooth Speaker Review

2 min read

Coocheer’s Bluetooth speaker is not one of the best speakers I’ve seen by far. The sound is not great, the connectivity is not great and the battery is also not great.

The speaker has a nice, sleek design which is certainly ergonomic and looks great in a room. The speaker has a clicking dial on the top which is a satisfying feature you don’t often see on speakers anymore. This is probably because it doesn’t work all to well to control the music. It controls the volume well, but since you have to move it to control music it doesn’t work incredibly well. Around this dial is a blue light that is activated when the device turns on. This is a nice feature that makes the speaker nicer to look at when it’s on. Another slight downside is the fact that the speaker blares out a beep when you turn up the music, interrupting your songs. This is something I really would have liked to see omitted from the speaker.

When setting up the speaker, there is little effort required. This is due to the built in NFC feature which I am a big fan of. You just tap your phone on the front, and away you go to start listening to your music.


On the back of the speaker is the on/off switch, micro USB charging port, and an AUX cable input. This is useful as you don’t have to constantly rely on the Bluetooth feature which seems to drain the speaker more than with the wired connection. Battery life. We all hate it and it is a right hindrance; especially when your device’s battery life is poor. I generally use the speaker for half hour or hour intervals and so far I have had to charge the device three times with only about 6 hours of listening time having passed between charges. That’s not necessarily bad, but it’s also not especially great.

The bass and treble on the speaker are not very high which is not appreciated by an aspiring audiophile such as myself. The sound quality is not great, but is listenable for a $30 speaker.

The connectivity of the device is poor. It regularly drops out for less than a second but is noticeable when listening to music. Sometimes the drop-out is longer, and this is very annoying with my phone within 30cm of the speaker.

Overall I must say that I am not especially impressed with the speaker. At the same time however, it isn’t too bad for a $30 budget speaker with Bluetooth and NFC capabilities, something we rarely see at this price point.. Not to mention, at the time of publishing it’s on sale for just $12 on Amazon.

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