Google Maps Might Soon Get Many More Ads Via “Promoted Pins”

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Google Maps might soon show quite a few more ads than what you see now, according to a Tuesday blog post by the Android mothership. Using “promoted pins,” Google will make sponsored businesses stand out more prominently in Maps than they currently do, and will include ads from them in the preview panel.

As we all know, Google’s bread and butter is search-based advertising with the occasional unsolicited ads thrown in for good measure. Thus it shouldn’t be surprising that ads are being integrated more prominently into Google’s most popular apps. No doubt many Google Maps users will actually find “promoted pins” quite useful, as they can see more of the businesses present in a given location without having to manually search. Also, it might be convenient to see some of the current specials offered by such businesses without having to leave Maps. You can see what the new ads will look like in comparison to the current Maps view in the slideshow below.

Google had the following to say about ads in Maps in its “Inside AdWords” blog post:

We’re also investing in more branded, customized experiences for businesses on Google Maps — geared towards helping you increase store visits. First, we’re experimenting with a variety of ad formats on Maps that make it easier for users to find businesses as they navigate the world around them. For example, Maps users may start to see promoted pins for nearby coffee shops, gas stations or lunch spots along their driving route. Local business pages are also getting a brand new look — to encourage consumers to explore your store before they even arrive, we’re adding new features like special offers and the ability to browse product inventory.

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